Nigeria Coat of Arm, Logo, Designer and meaning


The Nigeria Coat of Arm is an iconic symbol in the nation’s independence and what transpired leading to. The motto of the coat of arm represents Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

It was formerly called “Peace, Unity, Freedom”. As the new generation is born, it is always good for them to know the history of their fatherland. And the Nigerian Coat of Arm is part of the history. In this article, we shall be discussing everything related to the Nigeria Coat of Arm, Logo, Designer and Meaning.

What is a Coat of Arm?

Every country has its own coat of arm, this is usually heraldic design visual seen on a shield, tabard or surcoat. It is traditionally unique with great history relating to a particular person, family, state, country or organization.

What does the Nigeria Coat of Arm symbolise?

The Nigeria Coat of Arm symbolises Unity, Peace, Faith and Progress. Unity and Peace between all ethnic races in the country. And having faith that together as one we can all progress to a bright future. We all know Nigeria was formed by joining different tribes and ethnics together.

Who designed the Nigeria Coat of Arm?

For some reason, the designer of the Nigeria Coat of Arm is not officially released or documented. There are strong suggestions that the Coat of Arm was designed by the very student who designed the Nigeria Flag. His name is M.T Akinkunmi. But it’s just mere theory and not certain by fact.

Meaning of elements in the Nigeria Coat of Arm

The Nigeria Coat of Arm comprises of various elements which have their individual meaning. Let’s dissect the Coat of Arm and figure out what each of these elements means.

The Black Shield

Clearly seen in the Nigeria Coat of Arm is the black shield which represents the country’s fertile soil. The nation is blessed soil that is capable of growing abundance of crops, which the citizens have been benefiting since time immemorial.

The White Wavy Pall

A pall is vexillology and heraldry is a Y-shaped charge on a shield. If you look at the Black shield in the Nigeria Coat of Arm, you’ll see the Y-shaped Pall. This pall symbolises the meeting between River Niger and River Benue. If you look at Nigeria’s map, these rivers clearly meet each other at Lokoja to form a Y-shape.

The Two Horses

Standing at the left and right side of the Black shield is two horses. They both represent Dignity, which is a fundamental principle in any nation.

Base Flowers

Looking at the base/bottom of the Nigeria Coat of Arm, you’ll see flowers. These flowers are Costus spectabilis and were inducted into the Coat of Arm cause it is found everywhere in the country. They symbolise “Beauty”. Isn’t that sweet? Bet it is.

The Red Eagle

Standing on top of the Black Shield is a red eagle representing Strength.

The Wreath

If you look closely at the red eagle, it is not standing on the black shield literally. The red eagle is standing on a twisted green and white band known as “The Wreath”. The wreath represents the Nation’s rich soil.

The baseband

Now holding the base flowers together is a band where the nation’s motto is inscribed. The motto is “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”.

When was the Nigeria Coat of Arm adopted?

The Nigeria Coat of Arm was adopted on 20th of May 1960. The version was used between 1960 to 1979 before a new but similar one was designed.

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