Glo Data Calculator: How to calculate your Monthly data needs


Have you been searching for the best way to calculate your Glo Data? then you are on the right page as we take a look on Glo Data Calculator and how you can use it to calculate your data needs.

Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. are essentially good for keeping up with not just friends and loved ones, but to know tidbits about what’s going on outside the four walls of your apartment.

While they are great apps with more than a billion downloads to-date, they pinch you till your skin turns red because of the way they completely drain out your mobile data. Not only do these social media apps take a chunk of your mobile data, regular browsing, viewing emails, and chat platforms like WhatsApp also do.

Watching contents on YouTube or streaming the latest HD videos online using sites like Netflix is something we can’t easily control. The thoughts of how much data is used don’t hold a flame to the need for watching these contents.

You enjoy binge-browsing and binge-watching. Totally cool no doubt. You never miss a chat with your friends or by a mile a picture update on Instagram or Facebook. Still, you can’t hide the fact that your monthly data cannot get you through until the end of the month. You run out of juice too early before others do.

Thankfully smartphones have provided a way out of this. For example, android smartphones allow you to restrict background data and, weaved into the OS is also a data counter.

The data counter and monitor helps check apps that consume your mobile data from the largest to the smallest. It also gives you the leeway of setting your data limit. You could choose a monthly or weekly option. While this is superb, giving you details of what app is wolfing down your mobile data, it really cannot give an accurate count like your network carrier.

For this reason, Globacom has created a data calculator that can easily estimate the amount of data you use on a monthly basis. However, they have sweetened the kitty by introducing the Glo Data Calculator. This helps subscribers, both old and new to calculate what they want to buy and use for social media.

Now, you never have to worry about how your data is trickling out. Nothing goes unnoticed right under your very nose. Glo Data Calculator works like charm. You can use the data calculator to check the data estimate of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Maybe you stay up all night swiping web pages or blogs like LindaIkejiblog, forums such as GSMArena if you are a nerd or Nairaland, Glo data calculator will help check your usage.

Others include streaming of videos both HD and non-HD on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, even when watching your favourite sports, Glo data calculator has you covered.

So, how does Glo Data Calculator work?

The calculator will need to collect your Internet data by asking questions it can use to determine the best data mark suitable for your browsing needs.

Below are some of the features of Glo Data Calculator.

It will ask you questions like how many times you use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. Secondly, you also have to input how much time you spend surfing the Internet, viewing emails, playing music on online platforms like Spotify etc.

It doesn’t just stop there. If you are a heavy online game player, you have not been left out in the cold. You can monitor your data usage when you play online games like FIFA, PES, Candy Crush etc. with challengers around the world.

So what are you waiting for?! Manage your monthly data better by using Glo Data Calculator

So guys, there you have it on how you can use Glo Data Calculator

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