How to take off makeup without makeup wipes


Did you run out of makeup wipes? You can still take up your makeup easily, without fuss, here are fantastic ways to do so.

After a hard day work of looking bold and beautiful, it’s finally time to put up your feet and binge on Netflix or YouTube. But first, you have to take off your makeup. And yet, here you are stranded because you forgot to restock your makeup wipes. You don’t have to worry any more. We’ve got incredible ways you can get them off without those makeup wipes.

Soap and Water

A good ol soap and water can still get rid of some of your makeup. You only have to make sure that your makeup products can be removed by them. For instance, matte finishes including lipsticks can’t be removed by soap and water. You may end up irritating your skin if you have to scrub them. And, it’s a terrible idea to leave someone them right there till morning. they will clog your pores. Make sure your makeup products are water-based products, so it’s easy to remove. And don’t forget to moisturize.

Use Oil Cleansing

Perhaps, this is the easiest way to get rid of makeup from your skin. And it won’t clog your pores if you take a shower after you are done. The concept behind this cleaning product is very simple, oil can get rid of oil-based makeup products in a simple scientific reaction of like attracts like. Simply apply a favorite oil such as coconut oil to a piece of cloth and wipe your face. You can also use petroleum jelly especially for areas like your eye shadow and lips.

Use a Cleanser

You can also use a gel or cream cleanser to get rid of makeup. This is very effective when you used a primer of stay-put foundations before coating. You might be thinking that a cleanser won’t work for you. But most oil-based cleansers work like magic on your skin, probably because a lot of them are made with oil components.

Flat cotton pads are better than cotton balls.

If you want to use cotton balls on your skin for any reason, make sure they are flat cotton pads. Cotton balls can break down and leave residues on your skin which may cause more problems, especially around your lashes or skin. Avoid using tissue as well. All of those products can lead to irritation. It’s better to use a clean cloth for your cleaning than cotton pads or balls.

Avoid using a face wash to get rid of makeups. You should consider using soap and water or a cleanser before you do so. Don’t forget to push your hair back so you can wipe your hairline. We sometimes forget to clean those areas properly. Lastly, always follow your makeup removal with moisturising. Hydrating your skin is an excellent way to avoid developing that pallor skin tone, we normally see on folks who use lots of makeup and little follow-up skincare routine.

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