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If you love to watch all kinds of channels especially sports channel, then you might need to get the Now TV app. YouTube might be the fix-it-all for media contents uploaded online. However, despite being the one-stop-shop for video contents, you can’t catch your favourite live shows on the app.

Is there an easier way to get all your favourite shows on your screen? Could you get all your favourite channels with just a tap away? Well, yeah!

Sky has been hawking Now TV for users (nonexistent and existent), for a long while now, bringing their favourite channels to their smartphone screens.

Now TV is a big slice of what Sky is willing to offer subscribers and it has a plethora of channels, and you don’t need to break the bank.

Now, let’s hit those brakes and get you started right away. You don’t need to crack nuts to get acquainted with the app. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

Now TV App and what you need to know

To enjoy the freebies enveloped inside Now TV app, all you need do is to create a Now TV account. But if you already have a Sky account, you have the green light to sign in.

Sky offers a hunk of its services on the Now TV app, and you still get away with ITV Hub, iPlayer, All 4 and Demand 5. Unfortunately, if you are an Amazon Prime fanatic or a Netflix superfan, don’t get your hopes up. You won’t get any of your favourite channels on those streaming services on Now TV app.

Features of Now TV app

While that con is a huge slap of disappointment, Now TV is more than meets the eye.  The app offers an exclusive pass to most of Sky’s exclusive channels like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, etc. You get wheeled about into Sky’s world of entertainment. A simple swipe will take you to Sky shows such as Game of Thrones, West World and a lot more.

Your kids are not left out in the cold either. You still get the Kids package on this neatly sliced streaming app.

Now TV service app checks well on all sides. It has an impressive good score against big rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, albeit still has some rough cuts.

Video contents on Now TV is still a meagre resolution720p–though still slick on smaller screens–it can’t hold against the full HD and 4K resolution offered on Amazon Prime Video services and Netflix.

While its Cinema TV passes are a great addition, you may have to cough up so much to get a Sports pass.

On the Cinema passes, you enjoy a robust number of films, even before they hit the shelves in retail stores. Sky’s strong relationship with some of the powerhouses in Hollywood’s towering studios puts you on the front foot. Films are regularly filtered and replaced on Now TV. However, you still get to enjoy them for a few months before they are completely axed.

Not only is the Cinema pass truly rocking, but you can also now download videos on the streaming app. But you don’t crack up just yet. As sweet as this sounds, the only video with the download icon can go straight into your device’s storage. Your saved content will remain on your phone for only 30 days.

Can you watch on other platforms? Thankfully, yes! Now TV is compatible Apple TV, Roku’s streaming devices, YouView boxes and via Google Chromecast. Smart TVs like LG and Samsung also support it. 

How to install Now TV App on your Android device.

Channels on Now TV can be viewed on Android devices including your iPhones and iPads from the fourth generation.

Now, let’s get you straight into the meat of this article–how to install the Now TV on your android device.

It is pretty simple. Just follow the steps below and you will be watching your favourite shows and sports programmes in no time.

Below we have provided links for the app. You get the root link if you and a few links for your smart tabs.

• Download and install from Google Play Store Here

  • Before installing, be sure to check your phone can install from unknown sources.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the app, you will need to create an account on Now TV.
  • simply open the app and sign in with your NOW TV username and password. Be sure to enter your password carefully – as it’s case sensitive.

Before we match the brakes here, perhaps you want to stream your contents via a Smart TV like LG or Samsung, you can find compatible versions of Samsung TV with the app on Google playstore.

LG is a little bit technical. Unless the app pre-installed is compatible, you could be left disappointed.

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