Wapdam Movie: How To Download Movies from Wapdam

Wapdam is a wap website like many other wap websites where you can go and download tons of files ranging from movies to games, to apps and much more. Wapdam was a very popular website but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore.

It is now been known as Waptrick. Not to worry, there are other Wapdam alternatives out there that have the same collection of movies and other files. But in this post we shall be taking a look at Wapdam better known as Waptrick.one, a website I like using and I can actually recommend. Waptrick has tons of files available for download on its website. It also doesn’t require subscriptions or fees to download on the website as everything is free.

The website also looks a lot cleaner than Wapdam and has way more files with everything sorted well into their respective categories and sub categories for easy identification and access. Categories available on Waptrick includes but not limited to Games, Videos, themes, Applications and E-books. I can go on and on about why Waptrick is a Better alternative to wapdam but a trial will convince you so for that, let’s give Waptrick a trick.

How To Download Movies From Wapdam

  • Launch/Open a browser you have on your mobile phone and visit the Waptrick website (Waptrick.One). Make sure the browser is able to download. If not, you’ll need another browser for this.
  • Once you get to the website you’ll see how neat everything is and well arranged. No pop-up ads distracting your or disrupting your user experience.
  • From here you can either use the search bar available at the top of the website to search for a movie you want to download or simply just browse through to the movies section of Waptrick Videos and Choose a video you want to download.
  • When you choose a video you would like to download, you’ll now have to select the quality of th video you would like to download. There are 3 qualities available that you can choose, clicking on any of the three starts the Download.
  • After Downloading, you can go though your gallery on your phone to play the video.

That’s how to pretty much download not just Waptrick movies but other files on the website. However, you do need to be careful using some wap websites was most of them are fond of a fraudulent act called phisphing which involves them tricking you into giving out your personal information. If you don’t know your way around the Waptrick website or just having troubles navigating the website, you can simply let us know in the comment section down below.

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