Six months old baby becomes Nigeria’s youngest coronavirus victim


It has become a sad day, as Nigeria confirms 5 new cases of coronavirus, making a total of eight victims. Sadly, a six months old baby is one of the victims.

The new information was confirmed by President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant on New Media via, his verified Twitter page.

The six-month-old baby and mother are among the five new victims. The tweet read

” 3 arrived from the US ( 2 of them Nigerians, a mother, and her 6-month old baby, 2 arrived from the UK (both Nigerians). The fifth one a foreign national who came in through the land border is the first case of infection through Nigeria’s Land border”

“Four of the patients are in Lagos, while one is in Ekiti State.

According to him, “all are being followed and supported by State Health Authorities and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

Coronavirus stays in the air and surface for days.

Surprisingly, that is not the only shocking news. New research also shows that the coronavirus droplets may remain alive for hours and on surfaces for days.

This information is not meant to cause widespread panic, but to make Nigerians become increase their health vigilance. It is important to wash one’s hands regularly and avoid putting your hands in your mouth, eyes or nose without first washing.

Wipe all surfaces before use with due diligence. Since we are well known for handling money inefficiently, it is also important to combine with the use of hand sanitisers. However, always remeber that hand sanitisers are not 100% effective. Therefore, regular hand wash is important.

Finally, masks are ineffective. Therefore, purchasing masks and forgetting about other hygiene rules does not work.

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