How to Change UBA Phone Number Online


This post contains the guide needed to change UBA phone number online at any UBA branch near you. You can as well update other details such as email address or date of birth on your UBA account.

The phone number on your UBA account serves as the means of receiving banking transaction alerts on your phone. You can receive credit or debit alert on the number on your UBA account.

If the bank needs to contact you, it is the number on your account that will be called. However, if you lose this number either to theft or you no longer have access to the number linked to your UBA account, then it is necessary you change the number immediately as fraudulent people who have access to such number can use you to defraud you.

How to Change UBA Phone number

If you have been looking for ways to change your UBA phone number or you have been asking the question if is possible to change UBA phone number?

change UBA phone number

Then, I will say yes, you can change the UBA phone number by visiting the nearest UBA branch in your area. Then visit the UBA customer care section and let them know you will like to change the number linked to your UBA account.

You will be given a form to fill when you provide a means of identification that you are the owner of the account. This can be an international passport, national ID card or voter card.

Finally, they will need your email address and the new number you want to link to the account. Once these have been provided and updated, your UBA phone number and details will be successfully updated.

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