5 Best Pregnancy Trackers and Calculators


We bring you the Best Pregnancy Trackers to keep track of your baby. Tracking your baby’s growth is very important. However, it could send stress through your entire body because often times you are simply many paces off.

What are Pregnancy Trackers? Features

Pregnancy changes your body’s physical state and sometimes could turn your mind into an engine room. You have to handpick and pick out the right foods and nutrition for not just you, but the tiny human that’s growing bigger everyday.

Other activity logs like doctor’s appointment, mediation and so much more can also drain the air out of your tired lungs which is effing annoying. With a truckload of things to do for you and your baby, it is easy for anxiety, worry, tiredness and so much more to slip in through the door. We definitely do not want that for you.

Best Pregnancy Trackers -Glow Nurture-Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy trackers are a good way to chop off some of this workload that lead you to overwork your mind. There’s a lot to keep up with when you are carrying a child. And these apps are a great way to get off on a good start to good health, that’s totally anxiety-free.

For this reason, the crux of this article will introduce you to some amazing, trusted pregnancy trackers that you can use on your android smartphone if you are an avid fan of Google’s OS. If you’re not, and your preference is the well-polished iOS in Apple’s iPhones, we definitely have apps that will work just seamlessly for iPhone.

Pregnancy trackers are super-awesome, however, they should not be substituted for real medical advice. Do not ignore, discount or neglect the importance of visiting a medical professional when you should and when you feel completely out of place.

While these trackers are close to the real thing you get sometimes when you see a doctor, they’re just apps albeit truly helping.

Best Pregnancy Trackers

For this reason, because we understand how important it is to keep your sanity tightly stringed together as an expectant mum, we have gathered some of the best pregnancy trackers available. You never get to miss any appointments, including every stage of your baby’s growth.

Now, quickly, let’s get you acquainted with some of these apps.


Let’s go…

1. What to Expect’s Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Just in case you are curious about the size of your baby each time you place your palm on your stomach, then feel at ease. This popular pregnancy tracker gives your baby’s growth overtime, using something as sweet and colourful as a fruit. Coo about all you want, but it’s definitely a fine piece of eye candy. It’s available for download on Google playstore and iOS.

2. WebMD Pregnancy

The infamous medical site has it own app? Yeahhhh! Now you can bottle up your shock. Lol.

Does it offer extensive explanatory notes just like what it’s website gives? Yes it does. And even better, you get kick and contraction counters. It comes carrying an appointment organizer where you can fix your doctor’s schedules, so you never have to worry about reminding yourself all the time. The app takes care of that.

3. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

If you’re experiencing long bouts of strain during pregnancy, this app comes definitely handy. While notifications that remind you of your appointments are totally creative, you get to squeeze out a little extra out of Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. Since your health is generally important, the developer has included a health tracker that feeds you with info concerning your body using your Body Mass Index (BMI), age, and medical history. It is free and available on iOS and android.

4. Glow Nurture-Pregnancy Tracker

Are you looking for something that’s totally easy to use? Don’t look to hard in the appstores. Glow Nurture-Pregnancy Tracker is what you need exactly. The app comes loaded with cool features like pregnancy updates, pregnancy tips, a symptom tracker including a well stocked online shelve of articles for expectant mothers. Oh, and there’s the experience and warmth you enjoy from its community of expectant mothers. It’s free for download on iOS and android.

5. Baby Center

Everyday you’d have to roll your eyes away from cravings you find in retail stores when shopping for yourself and your baby. It kills you that you can’t have some of them at all, while others maybe a handful. This app keeps you totally informed on the right type of nutrition for you with a well detailed journal. Included also are: daily pregnancy updates, a weight tracker, appointment tracker, journal, kick counters etc.

It is available for download on iOS and android. There you have it guys, Best Pregnancy Trackers ton keep track of your pregnancy in real time.

Don’t miss out on using any of these apps today. Have you tried them out already? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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