5 best Robert Mugabe moments


Zimbabwe former long-serving president Robert Mugabe died on September 6, 2019, in Singapore. Mugabe will be remembered as both a “liberation icon” and “dictator”. According to his family, Mugabe has been battling with the illness since April and was travelling regularly to Singapore for treatment.

In this article, we’ll be reflecting on the 5 best Robert Mugabe moments. The former president was somewhat a controversial figure in Africa. He refused to give in to the Western countries who he sees as oppressors.

“We are not gays” – Robert Mugabe says during UN General Assembly in 2015

During the United Nations General Assembly in New York 2015, Robert Mugabe gave a controversial statement. He said, “We reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions and beliefs.” He also condemned the destabilisation policies from outside powers in the Middle East. He talked about a lot of issues going on at that time and also told the Western countries that “We are not gays”. ‘We’ represents Zimbabwe and Africa.

Robert Mugabe falls down at Harare International Airport

Mugabe fell down from a staircase coming off a podium. He had just finished addressing his supporters at Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe on February 2015.

Robert Mugabe referred to Donald Trump as a Giant Gold Goliath

Robert Mugabe giving a speech at the 2017 UN General Assembly called Donald Trump a Giant Gold Goliath. His speech came two days after Trump had addressed the UN which he condemned a number of countries like Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.

Robert Mugabe – “I will not vote for those who tormented him”

On July 2018, Mr Mugabe addressed the media in his house at Harare Zimbabwe. During the public address, he said “I must say very clearly, I cannot vote for those who have tormented me. I can’t. I’ll make my choice among the other 22 presidential candidates”. He was referring to Zanu-PF party who ousted him from office. He said he wishes whoever win well.

Robert Mugabe speaks on Equality

During the 26th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mugabe addressed the public concerning the Western countries looks down on Africa. In the video below, Mugabe said “… And now you hear some people still saying because we are white and you are black, we can’t give you the honour of equality”. He later ended the speech by saying “Tell them to shut their mouth.”

No matter what happens, we can’t deny the fact that Robert Mugabe had the best interest for Africa in his heart. Even though people will criticise his ways or methods of handling issues, he will forever be an iconic figure in Africa.

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